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Artist Profile Carrie Bullock


An eclectic collection of mediums, Carrie Bullock, Artist/Photographer, discovered her love of creating art during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. What began as bird and floral photography, she has transformed her art by taking online art courses, focusing on abstract’ish acrylic + mixed media paintings, often including her own photos as media. Ever evolving and a thirst for more, she has discovered Ai art, utilizing her own photography and paintings as base images, combining select styles and weight, utilizing Ai algorithms. Currently, Carrie is devoted to painting with acrylic paint, acrylic inks, mixed media, gel press printing, abstract and mark making. Born in Seattle, ,Carrie and her husband Brad reside in Bellingham, WA with their 3-cat family.



 My body of work includes Pacific Northwest bird and nature photography, acrylic + mixed media paintings and newly discovered, Ai Art. I stumbled upon my love of creating art during The Covid Lockdown of 2020. With plenty of time on my hands, I was determined to make good use out of this Worldwide ‘shift’ that we were all experiencing. Art creation, for me, has been a portal into which I can dream vibrantly, wildly, messily, all while creating JOY for others to view and hold.


My mediums of choice are acrylic, acrylic inks, mixed media from photos, papers, stencils and other texture makers. Since childhood I have been drawn into the art of Spanish artist Alvar Sunol. What I love in Alvar’s art are the soft blends of block coloring, the weightless swirl of delicate movement and always a dove. The layering, the very Spanish humans with their distinct facial features, the details within the layers, I love. Viewers and collectors of my art are often drawn to the hidden details within the layers of a painting or creation. One piece is “Goddess”, a mixed media acrylic painting that has been transformed utilizing Ai art algorithms. The final generation of this already layered and detailed painting, produced the most intriguing details and layers that draw the viewer in.


Currently I am dabbling in with 'folk art' with vibrant color and whimsical scenes.

I also have a few courses waiting for me and look forward to loosening up a bit, having fun with some abstract and mark making. My work continues to rotate and update with new art at here on my website. My website continues to be a successful online Gallery, featuring original works as well as fine art giclee prints and framing. As I continue to spread my wings, I'll update my showings and dates.

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